Saturday, we were invited to have Easter dinner with a family of  a family from church.  The map was easy to follow. 

  • Go 12 miles south of town
  • through some curves
  • over a set of hills
  • past the trees
  • turn right on road T
  • travel 6 miles down the dirt road
  • cross rd 23
  • house is on the left
  • if you get to the really flat farm land, you’ve gone too far.

There was a picture included in the directions as well.  I don’t think Google Maps could have been clearer!  The only problem was there was no KFC on the way for us to pick up a bucket of chicken or at least some sweet tea so we didn’t walk in empty handed. 😉

Lunch was delicious.  After we ate, some of us took a walk into the horse pasture.  It was beautiful!  We could see rolling hills and blue skies for miles.  The horses gently surrounded us and nudged us so that we would pet them.  I thought then how much my life has changed in a week. 

This morning – Resurrection Sunday – the men of the church are preparing breakfast for everyone,  then Paul will be preaching.  We are expecting several visitors because of Easter AND because there is a new preacher in town from the south and I hear he has an accent! 

I pray for the Holy Spirit to work through Paul this morning and equip him for this task.  I pray that lives would be changed and commitments made.  To God be the glory!



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