Tumbleweeds and Howling Wind

Tumbleweeds are not just in the movies!  They are twiggy balls of carefree weeds that bounce happily across your path.  I hear they can be quite an obstacle when they get larger later in the season.  I guess it’s funny what can excite a naive girl from the south! 

Another strange phenomenon here is the wind.  I have never experienced wind like we had here yesterday!  Let’s think again about any old cowboy movie.  At some point in these movies, they show a  beautiful, yet worried, lady standing on the porch with the wind blowing her long flowing dress and her tousled hair while she looks out over the country side for her husband to return on horseback because of the impending storm.  This is an accurate picture of the force of the howling wind.  I however, looked a mess!  It is very dry and sandy here.  The wind was hurling small pieces of dirt through the air and into my mouth, hair, and ears.  It pelted my exposed skin like I was being sandblasted!  Talk about exfoliation!!

Dusting furniture is another daunting task.  Last night after supper, I had to laugh as we removed the placemats to discover rectangular areas of dust free table.  In the south, this was caused by pollen, here it is just dry dust.  Unlike pollen, I assume it is a year round problem. 

A few other notes:

  • I still haven’t found any Creme Brulee creamer, but I have put in a request at the market. 
  • There are some easy recipes for boiled peanuts that I hope to try in the near future.
  • My brother is out of the hospital and doing well!!
  • The mail truck passes my home daily and delivers to my neighbors, but I must have a PO Box??? Wierd.
  • Joe hooked up the dishwasher today!

I will try to get this blog looking better in the future and add some pictures, but still quite busy with other priorities.  Thanks for visiting with me.



5 responses to this post.

  1. I’ve enjoyed following your new adventure via facebook. I wish you and your family the best! I know, by the way, how it feels to be transplanted from SC….although not nearly so dramatically!



  2. Posted by Karen Polson on April 14, 2010 at 5:04 pm

    I was thinking about you yesterday and wondered what you thought about the wind. Thankfully it’s not like that all the time. The dust thing will probably be more than you are used to, but not like yesterday. About the mail truck passing your house…..well get this! If you have your mail delivered to the Post Office via a P.O. box, you have to pay for it. If you have your mail delivered to a cluster box…. it’s free! Explain that one please! We get our mail delivered to a cluster box. I’m not sure what the nearest one is to you. Ours is down the street from our house. All you have to do is ask for your mail to be delivered this way at the Post Office. It may depend on there is an opening in that cluster too. I’m not sure, but you could sure check on it. Love you guys!



  3. Posted by Amanda on April 14, 2010 at 9:42 pm

    I pictured you you in a Cohen Brothers’ film — not because I approve of all their movies, but because they make fun of everything. There would be beautiful music playing, you in a long dress billowing in the breeze — watching for Paul on the horizon — a tear in your eye (more than likely from dirt in it)….and the music screeches to a halt as a tumbleweed takes you out …… hahahahahaha!
    I am silly!

    Thanks for the comic relief!

    I hope you get that PO Box issue worked out — hehe — oh, WAIT! That would be US that needs to help you out with THAT, HUH? Guess we better get on that!

    I know this is a short response, but time is scarce…..

    I love you and will send mail soon! xoxo


  4. Posted by Vernon on April 14, 2010 at 10:10 pm

    Oh Corey…again I must say, welcome to Nebraska. The dust, while not nearly as bad as yesterday, is pretty much a year-round thing. And you are right, the tumbleweeds get bigger….much bigger. In fact there are some enterprising individuals who collect them in December, put a flocking on them and sell them for Christmas trees.

    And, dear heart….. 🙂 anybody who has been in Nebraska for any time at all knows, when the wind is blowing like that, you don’t go outside. But you are having some marvelous learning experiences…. 🙂 and will be behaving like a native in not time at all. 🙂


  5. Posted by Tammy Cryer on April 15, 2010 at 8:28 am


    It is so nice you are sharing your adventure! It is like reading a good book! Keep it up, and good luck in your new town! Sounds great!


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