Lightning Storm

In order to satisfy our strong desire to eat out, we drove into McCook and killed two birds with one stone – pizza and groceries.  Our journey home was remarkable!  Why?  Lightning storm!  It was amazing!  First of all, the road from McCook to Benkelman is flanked by farmland on each side.  No trees to block the view, very few cars, the sky looks huge.  Occasionally there are a few tiny lights in the distance, but aside from our headlights, DARK!  Because of the vast darkness, each time the lightning struck, it was like a strobe light across the entire sky.  The contrast between darkness and light was so great that it was painful to our eyes, yet amazing to experience! 



2 responses to this post.

  1. COREY, wow, am I ever behind…what are you doing? NEB? I was reading down…is your hubby a pastor there now? That is amazing (I mean, not that he is a pastor, lol, oh, you know what I mean). Glad you all are alive & well. I’ll try to keep up with you now. ttfn
    Blessings to you & yours!


  2. Hey there! Nebraska??
    We’re moving ourselves.
    To JAX Florida.
    Should be there this week. What took you guys to NB?
    Love to you all


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