Tour of the Town (or some of it)

Last week I posted on my Facebook status that I had walked to the bank, post office and grocery store.  Since then, a friend asked me to post some pictures of the town.  I should have done this long ago, but it was too cold and too windy and too this and too that….  So here at last, are a few of the places in town that I frequent. 

First of all, the reason we are here in Benkelman, NE.  Trinity Baptist Church is the sweet little church where Paul was called to pastor. 

We live behind the church (which is on a corner) in the parsonage.  There is a small sidewalk from our doorstep to the side of the church where Paul’s office is located.  This is good, because as much as the kids and I are over to see him, there would be a dirt path worn in the grass.  I love that he is so accessible.

The parsonage is small, but comfortable and homey.   We are blessed to be provided with this place to live.  I hope to get the yard looking a little better in the near future.  Then I can use this as the “before” picture.

From the front door of our house, we see the side of the court house.   We don’t have to go far to get our drivers’ license, tags for the vehicles, or pay our taxes – lol. 

This is the front of the court house.  (It is on the same street as the church, on the next block)

Just passed the court house, on the next block is the theater.  It has one screen and the snack stand is run each week by volunteers.  Movie tickets are only $5 for adults and $4 for kids 12 and under.  The popcorn, candy and drinks are very reasonably priced as well.  (and I can see it from my house, so I don’t mind my older boys walking to the movies alone)

Heading south down Chief Street, to the east is Roo’s Doos.   Haircut anyone?  (a great place for Kimberly M. or my mom to come to work)

A few more steps, on the west, is BWTelcom.   As you might imagine by the name, this is where we obtain phone, internet and cable service.  At the first of each month, we walk by and drop our payment in the slot on the side of the building.

Next door to BWTelcom, is the bank.


Caddy corner from the bank on the east side of the street is the grocery store.  There is no Ingles, Publix, Bi-Lo, Bloom, etc. (and you know Wal-Mart is an hour away)  We have the Hometown Market.  This is also the only place in town to rent DVDs.  We are about to sign up for Netflix.

Also on main street (Chief Street) is the local newspaper office – The Benkelman Post (or B-town News to locals), The Hangout – burgers and fries, and the Pharmacy – hope no one needs medicine on the weekend.

Next to the pharmacy is the Post office.  Most people in town have PO Boxes.  Mail boxes are for folks on the county roads.

The chiropractor’s office is next to the post office.  He shares his office with a guy who makes prosthetic limbs.  Both of these gentlemen grew up in Benkalman and returned after college to help the community.  Paul and I have both benefited from the chiropractor!

Near the end of Chief Street on the west is the only car dealership.  (a great place for Bill M. to come to work)

There is much more to show you, the park and the pool and the gas station and the Dub (a great place for George to buy).  But I’ll save it for another time.  I hope you have a better understanding of our little town now. 



6 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Corey,
    Thanks for the tour of your quaint little town. It sounds like your are encouraging some to join you there :). What a nice short commute for your husband to work. Hope you are enjoying being a pastor’s wife. Blessings & ((Hugs)). ps – I’ll have to try to find you on Facebook.


  2. Posted by Vernon on June 21, 2010 at 11:55 pm

    Corey…thanks for the tour. It was great…and I live here. Yes, do get the park, the schools, the view from the top of 7th & Gage to the east, the Springs, a shot or two from Rock Creek Lake, and don’t forget our own local “high rises.” They were essential to life here on the prairie. 🙂 You may still have a chance for a shot of the Yucca blooms. Although most of them are almost gone there are still a few clumps north of town. You keep this up and you can go to work for the Chamber of Commerce.


  3. Corey! I can’t find you on FB!! I type in your full name and nothing comes up. I tried your first & last name, and there are several…3 of which might be you, but there is no photo…do you have a avatar on FB? Maybe you can find me and add me as a friend and that way I can get to your FB. I’m here… Jane Swanson (Jane Beyer)


  4. Oh Corey Honey, I’ve told you before that you need to write a book of the adventures that God has taken your sweet family on! Your small town in Nebraska looks so much like the small town that we live close to and go to church at. As for your parsonage, I just know you’re going to put your own personal stamp on it :-)!
    May God bless you and yours on the journey! Julie (formerly known as Oldschoolmarm)
    BTW, I’m now blogging at . Come visit me sometime!


  5. Hi Corey! It has been a long time since I have visited you (on the blog, of course…lol!) I think you will find WordPress much easier to use. I had fun reading your entries about your latest journey. I felt like I was back in time. I look forward to hearing more of your adventure and family experiences. It is amazing what happens when we let God lead.



  6. Hey I found you!!!
    Nebraska….when you move you really move. We are in Florida. And I’m having a contest on my blog and wanted to let you know!! I miss SC badly. Do you?
    Here’s my link:


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